Sunday, April 18, 2010

Things That Make Me Happy Blog Award!

Hi Paper Lovers!

Look what I was given today by Liz at Liz's Paper Loft! How sweet is she for giving me this beautiful award! Go over and check her blog out HERE and see what amazing talent she has! Thank you so much Liz, you really made my day!

10 Things That Make Me Happy!

1.  Tha man of my dreams makes me so happy! He works hard to give us an amazing life and Im able to stay home and do the things I enjoy!

2.  Spending time with my kids, when they are able too. At least I get to talk to them on the phone more then I get to see them these days.

3. Sharing my cards that I make on my blog with all of my new blog friends.

4. Arranging flowers and decorating for parties.

5. Spending time with my friends. Getting together at least once a week for a girl's day is something I really look forward to.

6. Driving my new car around, all over the place. Thank you sweetheart! I love it!

7. Making cards and using my Cricut Expressions machine.

8. Getting facials or a spa treatment.

9. Taking my walks around our neighborhood.

10. Going to the movies.

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flowerdisco said...

hey gigi...this is because you are so sweet. you well deserve it.

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