Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Just received my E2

Hi Paper Lovers...

I just wanted to share with you that I already received my NEW EXPRESSION 2 from FedEx tonight. When I got home it was sitting on my front door step and I was so excited. I opened the box and read all the manuals, plugged everything in and have cut 2 Easter Chicks from Create A Critter Cart at 4". I have to tell you though Im not in love with this machine. For the one's of you out there that LOVE your Gypsy you'll LOVE this machine...That is what its like, the Gypsy and I do not like the Gypsy all that much. I have all kinds of trouble with the sizing etc...this new E2 has all the features the Gypsy has. Its taken me 2 hours from opening the box to cutting 2 little chicks. Im thinking of returning this but I am going to use it for a week and see how I feel about it. Im going to give it a shot.

Thanks for listening to me ramble on..Im kinda bummed. The original Expressions is very easy to use, anyone can use that but this new one its going to take some time to get used to all the clicks you have to make to get the end results...there are so many new steps..not as fast as the old one.

Im looking forward to seeing what others say on their blogs about it. Im interested to see a YT video on it too.

Have a great evening and a sunny tomorrow :)

Monday, April 25, 2011


Hi Paper Lovers,

I just purchased the new Cricut Expressions 2 on HSN...Im in California and I got to order it before they even aired...SO COOL...My honey bought this for me for my Birthday which in on May 4th.  He's such a sweetheart and supports my Cricut Addiction so much and I am so blessed...Thank you honey!!! I so love you and my new Cricut :) And Im so HAPPY!! Ive been dancing around the house and hugging him :)...Im so silly lol!

I just had to share this exciting news with you. Pls let me know if you get one too and what you think of it. I cant wait to create something on it when it arrives and Ill be sharing it with you! I promise!

Thanks for listen to me ramble on...on how excited I am :) :) :)  Share your excitement with me too!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Hi Paper Lovers!
Just wanted to write a quick post to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I hope you are spending the day with friends and loved ones or just taking some time for yourself.
Today we are going to meet our friends at this beautiful park and celebrate this amazing day together with games, laughter and fun. Spending time together is the best part.
Enjoy this day!

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