Monday, April 25, 2011


Hi Paper Lovers,

I just purchased the new Cricut Expressions 2 on HSN...Im in California and I got to order it before they even aired...SO COOL...My honey bought this for me for my Birthday which in on May 4th.  He's such a sweetheart and supports my Cricut Addiction so much and I am so blessed...Thank you honey!!! I so love you and my new Cricut :) And Im so HAPPY!! Ive been dancing around the house and hugging him :)...Im so silly lol!

I just had to share this exciting news with you. Pls let me know if you get one too and what you think of it. I cant wait to create something on it when it arrives and Ill be sharing it with you! I promise!

Thanks for listen to me ramble on...on how excited I am :) :) :)  Share your excitement with me too!


Creative Diva said...

How exciting! Congrats! We definitely have great husbands! My hubby got me one too as an early birthday and Christmas gift. LOL
Look forward to seeing your creations.


bonnie said...

Yay!!! Lucky you, what a sweet Hubby you have! I bet you cannot wait! TFS! :) Hugs x

flowerdisco said...

yay, i am happy for you. i will have to wait forever and by then, pc might have something else, lol.

happy birthday ahead of time so i do not forget. many blessings on your day.

have a big hug from me too :)

GiGi said...

Congrats! I am so exited for you and envious!!! :) I can't wait to see what you'll do with the new machine! Have fun!

Tracy said...

I am out of the loop. What is the difference between the reg Expression and this on. Is it the one the uses ink?
I love to hear your excitement

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