Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Hat Decoration

Hi Paper Lovers

Here is a paper mache' witches hat I decorated up for a decoration in my home.
I used hot glue and pinched the sparkely tulle around the base, found a vintage picture of a witch to glue on front, I used stickles around the picture in orange, silver tinsel I added to the base of the hat and for the little ball at the top along with tulle and ribbon and ric rak.
Hope you like it and it inspires you to make your own halloween decorations.

Thanks for stopping by!!! Enjoy this beautiful day!


Tracy said...

Love your witches hat Gina.
I too have been making some Halloween home decor ;)

Dyane said...

How cute! Haven"t done any halloween crafty decor yet. But, pumpkin carving will be tomorrow.^_^

If you get a chance please vote for me, I made it to round 2 for the card making contest. Thank you much!
Link here:

bonnie said...

Oh this is sooo cute! ;) Hugs x

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! You are very talented! =:-)

-B said...

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