Monday, November 29, 2010

Click to Join The Holiday Card Challenge!

Hi Paper Lovers!

I just wanted to remind everyone that Im having my FIRST challenge! All you have to do is make a Holiday Card using POP UP DOTS, the higher the better, so bring on your creative holiday cards and link them to the BLUE BUTTON on the previous post, JUST CLICK ON THE TITLE ON THIS POST and it will take you there.

I have some wonderful blog candy to. Just go to the previous post by clicking on the title above and it will tell you more :)

Hope you will find it fun to enter :)  Thanks!


Nicole said... did I miss this! YES PLEASE...I have a FABULOUS project to add. I hope I have enough time??? So sorry, I have been working on all that blog stuff. I might make you another signature, cooler one. Good practise;)

Natalie said...

Great blog! How do I get e-mail updates? come see me too!

flowerdisco said... sorry I did not participate. Things are a bit crazier than normal.
I am hoping starting next year I can participate more in challenges.


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