Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Create A Critter Cart :)

Hello again everyone!
The mail man just delivered my Create A Critter Cart this afternoon and so I just had to make up a little card. Here is a simple card using the piggy cut from the cartridge and cut at 3". This cart seems very simple and has so many cute images on it. Ill be sharing more soon.
Thanks for looking and I really appreciate your comments, thank you so much for the kind words :)


Jo said...

aww little piggy. cute. love the pink and black.

Marlene said...

Ha ha!! Adorable pig!

liz said...

gina, this is so cute! thanks for the kind words earlier! you are always so sweet!

joeygirl86 said... cute!

Melanie said...

So cute - you gotta just love that little piggie! :)

flowerdisco said...

I agree w/ Melanie...gotta love the piggie :)

scrappin_3rdeeschik said...

I just bought mine tonight. Can't wait to get it. So super excited. What a cute card. Love, love, love, the piggy.

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